Walk With Me: 2.0 Update

Hello there! This update to "Walk With Me" will likely be the last (unless someone finds some new bugs for me to smoosh).

2.0 introduces...

  • A proper "ending"--complete with cutscene!

I had a lot of fun building this project. Though, honestly, reading all of your comments and positive messages was the most rewarding part of this development process. I'm so thankful to those of you who played--your support continues to warm my heart. Crafting this little ending is my way of saying one last "thanks" to you guys!

Game development is very near and dear to my heart, so look forward to future games!

Love and hugs,



Walk With Me 2.0 (for Windows) 124 MB
Apr 09, 2018
Walk With Me 2.0 (for Mac OSX) 82 MB
Apr 09, 2018
Walk With Me 2.0 (for Linux) 86 MB
Apr 09, 2018

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